Writer of Songs - Signed CD

from Harvey Andrews

Track listing

Hey Sandy
In The Darkness
Boothferry Bridge
Gift of a Brand New Day
Anna My Love
Born on the Breeze
When I Am Old One Day
Soap Opera
Writer of Songs


“The songs are completely free from the dross that drags down a goodly number of our singer/songwriter albums… this record is uncluttered, the product of an uncluttered mind, one that has cast out cant and any suggestion of affectation, the mind of Harvey Andrews, a very important writer of songs.”
New Musical Express

“This is an outstanding record which does justice to Harvey’s varied and formidable talent. It should be welcomed with open arms.”
Folk Review magazine

“To many who will undoubtedly buy his new Cube album for its brilliantly contemporary feel, it will come as something of a suprise. The title says it all, simply, uncomplicatedly: a writer of songs. A damn good one”
Melody Maker – Album of the month

“An outstanding collection.”
Record Mirror

“An offering with more facets than Jacobean glassware.”
Manchester Evening News

“A fistful of wise intelligent songs.”
Radio Times

“His voice is amazingly adaptable and his lyrics make most others seem ignorant and ill-considered. Above all though, Andrews’ music is real, gimmick free, and tasteful; rare qualities these days.”
Time Out

“For my money, clear and away the best record of 1972 has been Harvey Andrews’ ‘Writer of Songs’. Since he joined Cube records he has emerged as a writer of national status. He is now beginning to get airtime, and his album is superbly produced and performed.

“To him also goes my award for the song of the year; his stark, moving, haunting – no, unforgettable – song ‘Soldier.’ If you haven’t bought his record and you care at all about British songs, go get it and find out what it’s all about.”
‘Sounds’ Review of the year


Harvey Andrews, vocals, acoustic guitar [1, 5-7, 11, 12];
Ralph McTell, acoustic guitar [1-3, 5-11];
Les Thatcher, acoustic guitar [2, 9];
Bob Falloon, acoustic guitar [7];
Paul Keogh, electric guitar [1, 2, 8];
Danny Thompson, string bass [1, 8, 10];
Dave Pegg, bass guitar [2, 3, 11];
Roy Babbington, bass guitar [6, 9];
Ted Taylor, keyboards [3, 8];
Rick Wakeman, piano [3, 9];
Alfie Rees, euphonium [10];
Cozy Powell, drums [1, 9];
Dave Mattacks, drums [2, 3, 11];
Stan Gorman, drums [6]

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